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How can you radically improve your presentation skills ?

It might seem ridiculous, but one day we've all asked ourself this question. Improving your presentation skills might be a fact you'll soon consider, especially when this becomes demanding in nowadays.

I'm studying the Management University and this year I started to show more interest for presentations because of two big reasons:
this became an object of my academic work and also because I was stunned when I realized what most of the people understand by "presentation".

If you look around a little bit, you'll see that the presentation nowadays means a couple of slides, very colorful, with different kinds of fonts, backgrounds, and cheesy photos, but most of all, with huge paragraphs of text. The reason for doing this is most of the time "I really didn't have much time to spend on this, because u see, bla bla bla..." And not only that they ruined the hole presentation, and nobody at the end knows exactly what the point was, but people do the same thing again and again.

Why? Because it's the easiest way to skip that day. Big mistake fellows.. Sometimes, a good presentation makes more than two weeks of work, as well as, a good photo makes more than one hundred words.

What everybody is dreaming of is to have someone home, an expert in presentation skills, to show you how to make a presentation, to heal you of your public speaking phobia, and give you a conference presentation equipment so you can wake up in the morning ready to impress everybody there.
Well, i think that's far from possible...unless you're living with Cliff Atkinson.

So I've searched and read the best books in this field, and than I realized the big difference between how we "imagine" a presentation is, and how it is supposed to be.

I understood a lot of things about this, and I've changed my point of view. Having this skill is a strong weapon, that will help you all your life, no matter how old are you, or what your job is. You might be surprised about the self-confidence you'll get if you master this.

I was well surprised to meet people with the same issue like me, who want to hear more about presentation skills, as I was to meet people who rock on this, and wanna tell you what's all about, not like teachers, but older brothers, ready to help you get over your anxiety symptoms about this, giving you the solution for the overcoming fear of public speaking.

I'm ready to share with you, in this site, problems, presentation ideas, tips and tricks, fundamentals of public speaking, poster board presentations, web presentation software, tools, great books on presentation skills, persuasive speaking, presentation training resources, educational powerpoint presentations, projector screen material and websites from this fascinating world.

Presentation tips
If you are looking for some presentation tips, you have here a page about communication and about seeing presentations in a pretty different way, a way that is in step with our times.

Presentation tools
Choose the right presentation tools, to help you work and present well, so you can acquire important time and a good impression from your audience.

Presentation software
Have a closer look at the presentation software you are going to use.

Presentation skills training
A presentation skills training is like learning to ride a bike, once you know it, you'll never forget it.

Presentation topics
Think of presentation topics as you think of the great subjects that you have to discuss with your friends next weekend, when you tell them true stories and your mind is free.

Importance of public speaking
Realize the importance of public speaking before it's too late.

PowerPoint presentations
The well prepared PowerPoint presentations make more than two weeks of work, as well as a good photo makes more than one hundred words.

Presentation projectors
Notify some major issues that you have to consider in order of selecting the right presentation projectors.

Presentation marker boards
Choose the one that you need from the vast selection of presentation marker boards.

Web presentation software
Meet Thumbstacks, a new web presentation software

Brainstorming ideas
The brainstorming ideas are the foundation of a power presentation, if you don't build them right you risk to break it down.

Presentation zen
Presentation zen is a book that captures your attention from the first moment that you open it and changes the way you think a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation should look like.

Sales presentation tips
If you pay attention on these sales presentation tips there's no need to worry anymore.

Motivational public speaker
If you dream about becoming a good motivational public speaker take action and start studying, it's never too late.

Powerpoint graphics
Using powerpoint graphics you have to pass on the information easier, not to show a screen full of clutter.

Projector rental
Projector rental is another way to have a successful presentation if you are not planning to buy one but still need it once in a while.

Audience response
Keeping in mind this tips you will feel no constraints between you and your listeners and a positive audience response will come right away.

Presentation binders
If you want to have a presentation to remember make sure you choose the presentation binders that reflect your message.

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Keynote software
Check this out and make the difference between Keynote software and the program that you are used to work with.

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